Services We Provide:        

       Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable & Bill Pay
       Payroll Processing
     Bank Reconciliations
     Credit Card Reconciliations
       Financial Statement Creation
     Business Plans & Notary Services
     Quick Books Training
     Tax Reporting
     Tax Return Preparation

Other Services that we Provide:

    Business Consulting
    Business Valuation
   Financial Planning
   Tax Planning
CBMS Services in Detail

Accounts Payable  
All bills entered and paid.  Job costing and appropriate expense allocations
are included in report format.

Accounts Receivable
Includes Billing and Receiving Funds from your Customers.
Receivables are itemized into Deposits. Collections from Past Due
customers is an additional service and price.

Payroll Processing
Employees Time Sheets, Employee Job-Costing, Payroll Checks, stated
Vacation and Sick-Pay, Monthly 941 Deposits and Quarterly 941 and TWC
Reports.  Annual W-2, W-3 and 1099 processing.

Bank Reconciliation
All Banks Accounts and Credit Card Accounts will have detailed transactions
of Deposits & Expenses.

Financial Statement Creations
Comprehensive and Concise reporting format.  Includes Profit and Loss
Statement, Balance sheet and statement of Cash Flows.  Several reporting
graphs designs available.

Business Plans & Notary Services
Business Plan creation for funding or working knowledge.
We provide notary services by appointment.

Quick Books Training
Provided by a Certified Quick Books Advisor.  Easy learning atmosphere
and proven fast results!  Don't let your bookkeeper or software hold you
hostage.  Know what's exactly going on in your Business.

Tax Reporting
All Businesses whether Independent or State/Government have Reporting
Deadlines.  We provide Quarterly Reports & Reviews, Franchise Reports
and Sales Tax Reports.

Tax Return Preparation
Includes Corporate, Subchapter S Corporations, LLC's, LLP's and individual
returns.  All return copies are in bonded form and there is an additional
charge for extra copies of returns.

Our Other Services Include:

Comprehensive and detailed audit with testing results and stated opinion.  
Prices vary depending on preparation time and state of books.

Business Consulting
Includes a wide variety of issues and concerns.  From expense reduction to
advise on employee or tax issues.

Business Valuations
Determines the value of existing assets, sales, marketing strategies and
future sales.  Great information for Banks and Lending Institutions.  Provides
total Financial Information as well as a Future Business prospectus.

Basic compilations are less detailed than Reviews or Audits and don't
involve an opinion.  The Financial General Ledger is used to create
Financial Statements from it.

Financial Planning
Involves strategies for Assets, Retirement Contributions, College Financing
Alternatives and Protection Laws.

Detailed Financial Information that involves an Opinion on
the Presentation and Verification of Accounting and Bookkeeping practices.

Tax Planning
For Businesses and Individuals to implement tax saving strategies during
the year.
CBMS Services, Inc