"We take pride in providing personalized service to Individuals and         
                         Businesses in the Greater Austin area."

 Our Mission: To empower Individuals and Businesses  
                       to control their tax destinies!

So many of us can be intimidated by the maze and complications of the IRS   
forms.  And Yes, they DO MAKE THEM THAT WAY ON PURPOSE !    We can      
help you to utilize the many tools of Credits & Deductions that the IRS           
allows and get your tax bill as low as it can go!  We can help empower
you to make informed decisions and decide the direction of your business.

Our Corporation was founded by Jane Curlee Istre, who is a Degreed            
Accountant and Registered Tax Preparer.  Jane has a Masters Degree in      
Business Management, and a BS in Finance.  We have been providing          
management services to Central Texas for over 25 years.

We apply a positive and helpful attitude to all endeavours and love to           
serve those in need of our services.

Services prices vary according to volume and needs of the individual or      
business.  Let us show you how to cut your tax bill and plan for next year's   
tax bill.  It's never too early to start implementing advantageous tax               
                            CBMS Services, Inc